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How to order from Shikoku Garden

Thank you for ordering from us. Orders are booked when paid. We have large stocks of all the plants listed but some plants will be in greater demand than we had anticipated, and there might be losses in the nursery, so it is important to order as early as possible. Because we are wholesale nursery, the minimum order unit is 25 each species/cultivars, and minimum order amount is from $1500.

How to Place an Order
Orders may be placed by sending us an email message, a letter, or a fax with a list of items you would like to purchase. We will send back a message to comfirm availability when we receive your order. We will confirm an approximate shipping time upon receipt of payment.

Mail Address: Shikoku Garden 1606-4 Kamimitani, Iyo-city, Ehime, Japan 799-3104

Payment by PayPal
We accept VISA and MasterCard for your payment via PayPal. When you confirm your order, you will receive the invoice for your order by e-mail and imput your cerdit card informations at the PayPal secure server.

Payment by bank transfer
We require payment in advance. Please pay by international wire transfer from your bank to our account in US dollars. We will provide our bank information when we receive your order.

We prefer to ship orders in October, November and February. We will ship at the time most favorable for success with our plants. It is impossible to ship plants in late winter or spring after they start to break dormancy. Generally, we ship plants by airfreight or EMS airmail, usually 7-9 days delivery. You must fax or e-mail to us all required permits and special shipping instructions. Plants that require CITES certification will usually be send separately in February.

Phytosanitaly certificate and Cleaning Charges
There is a $30 charge for the Phytosanitaly Certificate.
Cleaning Charge is 10% of plant order amount.

CITES Certification Charge
Because of the very time-consuming requirements for documating and shipping CITES plants such as orchids, there is an additional charge of 18% for plants that require CITES certification.

We guarantee to deliver healthy , correctly-name plants to you. If you are not satisfied on their arrival, notify us by e-mail immidiately. We do not guarantee that plant will grow well for you, as we have no control over conditions at your nursery. Many of our plants have special requirments. Please inqure at the time of your order if you don't understand the requirements of the plants that you want.

Cancellation Charge
If you order bare-root plants and cancel the order, we incur considarable expense in dealing with those plants, and the later it is, the more expense we incure. Therefore, we have a schedule of charges for cancelled orders:

Cancellation by August 1 : 10% penalty
Cancellation by September 15 : 20% penalty
Cnacellation after September 15 : 50% penalty

Special Orders
If there is a Japanese plant that you need in large numbers, ask us for a quotation. With enough lead time, we can some times quote a price for you. Special orders must be prepaid and are not refundable.



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